Kündig Industrial Solution Sales Program

Automatic pirns

Belts made of leather and/or rubberized fabric

Bobbin boards

Bobbin hangers

Bobbin holders

Brake linings

Buffer clothing

Buffer heads

Buffer leather


Burling scissors

Card strippers (knife)

Check straps

Clearer roller covering

Clearer roller tubings

Cloth beam covering

Cloth dividing device

Collecting carriage for

cloth beams

Collecting truck for cloth beams


Cone packing machine



Containers of vulcanized fibre

Corrugated sheet metal

Creel pins

Creeling devices

Cylindrical bobbins

Disc brakes

Dobby cards, plastic + paper

Doffer pins

Doffing conveyor belts

Drive covering for OE-machines

Dyeing cones

Dyeing filter paper

End stops

Expansion combs

Fabrics, technical

Feed rolls

Felt for machine fixation

Felt tubings

Felts, technical

Filter paper

Final twist bobbins

Finisher bobbins

Flanged bobbins

Flocked clearer rollers

Flyer bobbins

Guide levers

Hardpaper tubes and cones

Harness cord

Initial twist bobbins

Inserts for pickers

Jigger lifter truck

Lease reeds

Leather parts

Leno held frames

Lifter truck for cloth beams

Lifter truck for warp and cloth beams

Lug straps

Marking chalk

Metal thread guides


Nylon bristles

Nylon loop tape

OE spinning spare parts

Paraffin rings and bars

Pegs for doffing conveyor belt


Picking pincers

Picking stick bumpers

Picking sticks

Picking straps


Pins for doffer grippers (inside)


Pirn boxes

Pirns /bobbins

Pirns, ringless


Preparing machine for tape weaving

Profile rollers for winding shaft on OE

Protective leather

Race board coverings

Rapier tapes

Reed lining

Reed supports


Reeds with cross profile

Retra thread brakes

Reverse run rings

Ribbon cutter

Roller covering tapes

Roving bobbins

Rubber tape, fluted

Selvedge bobbin device



Selvedge bobbins


Selvedge cutting device

Selvedge warper

Sewing thread bobbins

Shuttle guard buffers

Shuttles incl. accessories

Sinter ceramic thread guides

Sliver cans and access.

Slub detectors

Spindle brakes

Spinning tubes

Spring clip

Stripper for condensers, drawing and speed frames, combing machines

Tapes for spring reverse motion



Thread brakes

Thread brakes for shuttles

Thread guides

Thread tension device

Transport containers and trolleys

Ultrasonic cutting device

Unifil + spares

Unifil pirns

Velvet-fabrics, ribbed

Warp beams

Weaver's needles

Weaver's pincers

Weaver's scissors

Weft accumulator

Weft fork needles

Weft stop motion

Yarn accumulator

Yarn carriers (plastic + paper)

ZAMA buffers + accessories